Ultimate Living was founded in 1992 by German cabinet maker Hubert Fehnker

Hubert designs and oversees the production of Ultimate Living's custom made furniture in the Auckland workshop, to ensure the highest standards and quality. He also visits the Italy Milan furniture fair regularly, to source and bring back the most stylish and timeless pieces to the Auckland showroom. Hubert's philosophy is to provide his customers with long-lasting furniture, providing a 20 year guarantee on most of the products sold.

If you buy from Ultimate Living, we ensure that you will have a product that will endure the test of time. We believe that you should not need to replace your furniture every 2-5 years, so by buying quality furniture that is either made by us in New Zealand, or, in Italy, you will have furniture that will last a lifetime. Too often people support the 'fast-furniture' economy by buying products and then throwing them away not long after. We are committed to sustainable business and buying behaviors. With the ability to custom make both our local and Italian imported furniture, you can tailor any piece to suit your requirements to make sure you get exactly what you want. We also offer free home consultations to help with design advice and measure ups.